Internship Program

About TWAIN Financial Partners

Twain Financial Partners is an investment management firm located in St. Louis, MO with over $4 billion in assets under management within the public-private partnership sector. The firm works with a wide variety of investment types, specializing in tax credit, structured debt, and real estate transactions. Twain works closely with financial institutions, corporations, and high-net-worth individuals to structure and manage investments that offer both attractive economic return and social benefits.

Twain Financial Partners offers an internship program designed for college students to gain real-world business experience. During an internship, the student will learn workplace etiquette and time management, become familiar with business applications, and shadow business professionals. To conclude the internship, the student can participate in a resume review with their manager.

Workplace Etiquette and Time Management

As stated in Twain’s Values, it is important to us that an intern fits the mold of a business professional by being respectful, transparent, and innovative. Interns will be working on multiple projects throughout their internship and it is important to manage expectations and workload appropriately. Twain will mentor every intern on how to be successful with time management and in a professional office setting.

Business Applications

We believe that part of being innovative and driving to solutions means leveraging our technology. Twain leverages multiple business applications to support daily job functions. As an intern, you will learn to use different applications and how these applications impact roles and the company.


Every intern will get the opportunity to shadow Twain professionals in different departments to observe daily routines, customer and colleague interactions, and Twain’s company culture. Shadowing is an important component to an internship because it allows students to become well-rounded and informed on different business functions.

Resume Review

During a resume review, Twain will assist each intern in formulating resume statements for the work completed during their internship. In addition, Twain will provide guidance on resume improvements and formatting. The resume review is optional and participation is not required.


How long is an internship?
Twain offers three internship periods:

  • Fall: September – November
  • Spring: February – April
  • Summer: June – August

Is the internship paid?

What degree should an intern be pursuing?
Business related degree (i.e. Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, etc.)

What kind of work will an intern do?
Depending on the student’s interest and area of study, the intern will be working on a variety of projects to give them relative experience.

How many hours a week does an intern work?
Typically, the ideal candidate will be able to work 20 – 25 hours during the Fall and Spring semesters and 30-40 hours during the Summer.

Have an intern candidate in mind or are you interested in an internship?

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