Renewable Energy Project Financing

Twain is offering property owners and developers an opportunity to add leverage and increase returns in their investments. Ground lease financing can offer more efficient construction or permanent capital while reducing equity requirements. With a ground lease, Twain purchases the land underneath an existing building or a planned development and leases the use of the ground back over a 99-year term. The sponsor retains ownership and operational rights to their current or future improvements while making ground lease payments to Twain. This allows the property owner to receive a lump sum payment, equal to 30-60% of the as-stabilized value, which can be used to fund construction costs or reposition existing assets. Ground leases are nonrecourse after construction completion and up to 36 months of rent payments can be capitalized.

C-PACE Financing

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, or C-PACE, offers commercial developers low-cost, fixed-rate, long-term financing for 100% of the cost of energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and other improvements.

Secure capital with C-PACE financing

C-PACE loans are attached to the property – not the individual – making it an excellent fixed-rate, non-recourse alternative to mezzanine debt and third-party equity. The loan is repaid through a special assessment levied against the property and collected with the property’s tax bill.

We start with “yes.”

We are committed to helping you find the financing you need. As a leading C-PACE direct lender, we have extensive experience partnering with program administrators, property owners, contractors, and developers to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. We are also able to look at projects holistically and potentially combine C-PACE with Twain’s other financing offerings in order to provide additional benefits to a project.

We can provide C-PACE financing for up to 30% or more of an eligible project's total cost. Many areas even allow for C-PACE to be used retroactively for refinancing.

C-PACE works well with projects of all kinds.

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