Marc Hirshman, President Twain Financial Partners

A Note from Our President

November 4, 2022
Marc Hirshman, President Twain Financial Partners

Whether we read, watch and/or listen to the news, most of us would conclude that every company providing financing solutions is ready not just to give up its office space, but to shut down completely. While I’d be lying if I said we aren’t facing challenges like our peers, with deals struggling due to rate increases and their other capital sources pulling back, we are on pace to close 50% more in new volume than our previous best year, and we are investing in our platform and, most importantly, in our people. Here are some of the highlights…

  • At the start of ’22, we were 81 people and, as of the beginning of October, we have 93 employees across 11 states. In June and July alone, we onboarded 10 new people.
  • We engaged a DEI consulting firm that spent months digging into our corporate practices and (anonymously) the feelings and attitudes of employees. As part of their recommendations, we have implemented a DEI council which, with the consultants’ help, will provide recommendations and training for our entire company.
  • We hired a leadership training consultant who is working with our senior leadership team, managers, and representatives from each functional group to recognize our individual strengths and maximize those strengths to make Twain an even better company.
  • We brought back our in-person monthly Lunch and Learns in September, providing more opportunity for shared learning and quality time together as a company.
  • We brought together all of our St. Louis employees, most of whom work on a hybrid schedule, along with all of our remote employees for our quarterly meeting. We also intended on spending the following day together volunteering to help beautify Forest Park, but it was unfortunately canceled due to inclement weather. We are rescheduling our company volunteer day for early next year.
  • We re-engaged in our one-on-one pairing of employees who don’t normally work together to spend time getting to know each other.
  • We entered a team in the BizDash event in downtown St. Louis. While we didn’t have any individuals place with a top time, it was a great opportunity for colleagues to spend time together outside the office.
  • We restarted Twain cornhole tournaments (and my trash talking has not helped my performance).
  • We, meaning six Halloween-loving employees who came in on a Saturday, decorated our office for the season. If you visit our office, beware of the cutlery drawer in the kitchen.
  • And maybe most importantly, we are back to three days per week of massage therapists in the office for free massages for employees.