Inaugural Twain Week Combines Service and Family Fun with Quarterly Meeting

November 1, 2019

Twain Financial Partners takes pride in providing a work environment where employees feel valued, connected to the community and where their families can occasionally join in the fun. Due to the company’s growth this year – with both local and remote employees – it seemed fitting to combine three of our cornerstone programs into one weekend to bring everyone together.

The inaugural “Twain Week” included our annual volunteer day, family picnic and a quarterly meeting.

Twain employees after a morning of hard work at Forest Park Forever.

Volunteer Day

Each year, Twain dedicates a day away from the office to volunteer in the community. For the third year in a row, Twain returned to Forest Park  on Sept. 13, 2019. The group spent time pulling weeds, clearing brush and raking leaves to maintain the beautiful Nature Reserve for Forest Park Forever.

Family Picnic

On Saturday, Sept. 14, Twain employees and their families headed to Tower Grove Park for an afternoon of outdoor fun. The picnic had something for everyone – yard games, bounce houses and plenty of food and drink.

Quarterly Meeting

Nancy Droesch, co-founder of WILLO, LLC. leads a presentation on gender differences in communication styles at the Twain quarterly meeting at St. Louis Public Radio.

As part of Twain’s quarterly meetings, the team tours different locations around St. Louis to learn more about our community. Additionally, guest speakers come to discuss various topics ranging from new St. Louis developments to diversity and inclusion.

The fall quarterly meeting of 2019 was hosted by St. Louis Public Radio. We toured the station and the offices and studios at the Nine Network. These tours offer a chance to step away from our usual office environment and experience a creative and unique world without leaving our city.

Our guest speaker was Nancy Droesch, co-founder of WILLO, LLC. Nancy led a presentation on gender differences in communication styles.