Twain Financial Partners Delivers Solar Energy Through Debt Financing and Investment Tax Credits

August 30, 2021

Twain Financial Partners is bringing both debt financing and Investment Tax Credit (ITC) equity to solar energy projects across the country. This move positions Twain as a one-stop shop for solar installers looking for installation financing, debt and tax equity.

Twain makes equity investments in solar projects that qualify for and generate ITCs through its Tax Equity Funds. Additionally, Twain offers predevelopment loans, permanent debt products, and has raised over $100MM in construction debt capital.

To date, Twain has funded 13 projects in total. These solar investments have been made in Illinois, California, Maryland, North Carolina and New York.

“Twain has committed to becoming a major player in this transformational space and we are excited to see our efforts come to fruition,” said Matt Guymon, Twain’s Director of Investments and General Counsel. “As a single source financing option for solar installers in the clean energy sector, Twain remains dedicated to the expansion of opportunities that will help build on a renewable energy economy and we look forward to working with installers and other market participants as we look to expand and invest more capital into the space.”

Learn more about solar debt financing and ITC at Twain.