Twain Quarterly Meeting Welcomed Peter Stelian, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Vista Capital

October 17, 2020

On October 5, 2020, Twain Financial Partners held its second-ever virtual Quarterly Meeting following the success of the Spring 2020 virtual meeting. Twain’s all-company Quarterly Meetings are a staple event for employees. Typically, the team tours a local St. Louis business or organization to learn more about their contributions to the community and a guest speaker is welcomed to discuss a topic of their choosing.

Due to COVID-19, Twain was unable to tour a local organization. Thanks to modern technology, we were still able to welcome an engaging guest speaker to present at the meeting.

Twain welcomed Peter Stelian, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Vista Capital Management, a Chicago-based real estate investment firm that offers investment strategies focused on Student Housing and Middle Market real estate. Stelian gave an informative presentation on market research in the current real estate industry and the effects the pandemic is having on real estate.